Weekend Recap

by - 1:48:00 PM

Who's dying to hear about our weekend?! 

I knew it... Wait no longer. Our incredibly exciting recap coming right up (sarcasm!)

Guys, it's such a hot summer. I'm determined to not not complain (too much, anyway) because I despise the cold so, so, so much more than the heat. But, man, it's hot. Luckily we have an amazing local aquatic center that Lady adores. Saturday morning we made our weekly grocery run, packed a lunch, and promptly occupied the pool. We have a little fish on our hands. 

After Girlfriend's nap we did a little shopping, grabbed some food, and watched some Raptor's baseball (thanks, pass of all passes!). Abby refused to enjoy an entire game, so we left during the fourth inning. 

We figure, if it's going to be incredibly hot, might as well celebrate it with all things summer. Right?

(apparently I forget that we do own another camera besides the one attached to my phone...excuse the sucky quality.)

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