July Via My Phone

by - 2:44:00 PM

But, really, July is over?! Anyway, here it is: our month of July, according to my cellular device (pictures not in chronological order; let's be honest: i'm just not that good).

// lady got her first puzzle // have you ever seen lady's 'evil eye'? it's priceless. // rocking mama's glasses // chillin' with dad // lily's fourth birthday party (and a very angry abby) // look who learned how to fold her arms for prayers! // literally licking the brownie plate clean, because, she learns from example // swimming (so, so, so much swimming) // we like eachother, abbs and i // shoe shopping at ross; i turned my back for one second and she had pulled half the selection into our cart - they were all her size, too. obsession much? // lots of family time for the three of us! // so, super sleepy after the baseball game with the ackermans // my very first 'sweet tooth fairy' cupcake the hubs brought home for me for our two year anniversary. i devoured it in seconds (salted caramel...umm...he knows me too well!) //

note: i keep forgetting to number the pictures! whoopsies. 
note, again: i missed last month. did you feel empty and confused without our monthly phone pictures?

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