Since It's Already August...

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...I'll over share our summertime activities from the last week. (side tangent: i have come to the conclusion that my phone is a blessing and a curse. because of it i rarely take 'real' pictures. but, on the other hand, i conveniently have the chance to take way more pictures than i normally would. ya know?) 

Grandma Patty and Papa John took us to the zoo last week. It was crazy hot, but we loved it. Lady's favorite part: the splash pad. She did get a kick out of a few of the animals, and was even awed speechless when she saw the polar bear. I was amazed by her intelligence when we saw the monkeys first and she clearly declared, "Oooo, Oooo!" (read: monkey sound) Turns out she made that noise for all of the animals. We're working on it. 

{notice that darn shoe, rarely does she leave it on her foot properly} 

^^We missed most of the 'Roy Days' festivities, but we did make it to the fireworks following a friend's birthday party. ^^

These were Lady's first fireworks, and I'd say she enjoyed them, despite the late hour (remember, we like our early bedtimes around here) and the loud booms. Next year, we will be purchasing the highly over priced kettle corn, because, it smelled divine (and i've been thinking about it since that night...obsessive much?).

^^not pictured: grandpa (he refused) and aunt sydney^^

And then! Grandma and Grandpa Harrison and all of the aunts and uncles came to visit for the day and took us to the pool (lady's very favorite thing in the world). They taught Abby how to climb up the baby slide and go down all by herself (first time mom, right here. i'm pretty sure i got every climb and slide videoed.), they doted on her every move, and then they fed her brownies. I'd say it was a success. 

Can you tell we are trying desperately to grasp the last bit of summer? Already D. has football games to ref this weekend. I mean, how is it football season already? 

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