They Make Medication For People Like Me

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^^Lady eating with her spoon for the very first time^^

This weekend we noticed large amounts of Lady's hair falling out. Me, being the overly dramatic and pessimistic person I am, jumped to the worst conclusions in a flash and assumed she was going to be a bald toddler with alopecia.

Alarming? Yes.

Such a big deal that the world should stand still? No.

Did that stop me from acting that way? No, of course not.

So, today we visited the pediatrician. We just saw her on Thursday for a 15 month well-child check. After reporting to the doc that Abby was losing hair she asked that we pay her another visit so she could see for herself (and thus confirming my worst fears, obviously).

Lady has a double ear infection. Which, we are assuming is leading to her rubbing her hair causing fall out. (the most prominent places of baldness are right around her ears, too. makes sense.) And, let's be honest, she really doesn't have an abundance of hair to begin with.

Mind you, this whole fiasco begins only 72 hours after her pediatrician asks of she can feed herself with a spoon. After answering hesitantly "" I rush home for dinner and promptly hand her a spoon - sure that she is light years behind other children. She calmly takes the spoon, dips it in her sweet potatoes, and plants them square in her mouth with no problems. D. looked at me with a "told-you-so" and I sighed a huge sigh of relief.

Anyway, moral of this story: Calm down, Alyssa. 

**PS: How lucky are we that Lady is so mild we didn't even know her ears were bugging her? Smart, balding, and awesome -- that's our little lady.**

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  1. So did you get your prescription filled yet? Please hurry (-:

    1. Of course I filled it immediately! I mean, the balding was traumatizing.