True Love.

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In the the two years we have been married, I've found that true love manifests itself in different ways than I expected before I was married.

^^ it's no secret i love me some soft ice cream, in a cone, must really love this guy ^^

A few of the things that speak volumes in our relationship:

>> True love is taking the throw pillows off of your spouse's side of the bed, not just your own. Even if you're really, really tired.
>> True love is when you get to listen to your music (or sports talk radio, ahem) in the car and there are no complaints.
>> True love is filling up the other person's water bottle; want to go the extra mile? Put it in the fridge. Boom.
>> True love is getting the other a new towel, and hanging it on their hook, on laundry day.
>> True love is waking up with Lady at 3 am and letting the other sleep.

Isn't it funny how the simplest things seem to scream "I love you" louder than the words themselves? Maybe it's because the little acts prove that your spouse is thinking about you? Maybe these little things are what make the love last?

I don't know, I mean, I'm not expert (obviously). But, the fact that D. just walked in the door from a meeting (ironically as i was in the middle of jotting down these thoughts) with a bag of chips (because he knows i love salty snacks), just because. He made a special stop on the way home for chips. Guys...

 I mean...really. hashtag: heartmeltedallovertheplace.

Wove. Twue Wove.

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