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^^a sick lady^^

Our weekend started out on the rocks. I mean a little rocky (making this mom crave something on the rocks... diet coke, guys. calm down.). Remember how I said Lady had a double ear infection? Well, the fever and all the fun settled in on Thursday/Friday. No fun, folks. 

But, somehow things looked up on Saturday. Maybe because "dadad" was in the house (and, it's a rare opportunity in the fall to have this guy with us on a saturday and not reffing football games), maybe because she got new shoes, but Lady was a happy camper. 

We did the typical: you know, ran errands, took naps, and shopped a little. And then something hit me like a ton of bricks. By Saturday night, I was fevering, and shivering, and trying to nurse a sore throat. So, needless to say, the weekend ended on the rocks as well (nyquil, this time. jokes.)

Anyway... I'm on the mend *hopefully*. Missy has perked right up. Annnd... we ate Nutella crepes for breakfast (thanks to d. for making extra yesterday morning. he's the crepe chef in this house.) and snuggled in blankets while we read stories. 

Annnnnnd... did you hear? *NSYNC reunion?! I watched it today on YouTube (because I'm now lame like that) and wanted to cry from excitement. I mean, really. 

Things are looking up y'all. 

^^but seriously, who stole my baby and left this big girl in her place?!^^

^^after lady's nap she caught up on the 2013 football rules and then we packed up and went shopping. dad turned her seat to face forward for the first time in her life (since the last time i was at the doctor she asked, "how do you manage to keep her rear facing? she's so tall!" he thought it was time.)...she didn't know what to think. so, she folded her arms and crossed her legs (i'm sure it's habit. she hasn't been able to stretch out her legs for months) and observed silently, almost shyly. Phew. I'm long winded today.^^

^^waiting "patiently" for mom to drag herself out of bed long enough to teach sunbeams^^

^^long distance phone call to her dadad. they spent a whole bunch of quality time together yesterday due to my status as an invalid. high fives for awesome, attentive, over achieving dads (and husbands)!^^

^^but really, when are nutella and snuggles not the answer? never, they are never not the answer.^^

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  1. Ummmm . . . she doesn't look bald to me. I'm glad you are all on the mend.