Daddy - Daughter Date

by - 10:05:00 PM

A few weeks ago (i've really let my blogging slack, humor me while i bombard the blog with pictures and sentimental sap.), the ladies in our ward had a "girls night" for our relief society activity for the month. (they called it that, really, they played bingo and ate chocolate. chocolate yes. bingo? really? whatever.) While I lived on the edge (read: inhaling as many peanut butter cups i could get my hands on), D. took Lady on their first (official) daddy/daughter date. 

I came home to a beaming, exhausted, Abby and a Daddy who had fallen in love with his daughter for the bajillionth time, and they both exitedly recapped their night (lady jabbered, and giggled, while showing me the pictures). 

I just have to document it for memory's sake. It's too much. (pictures courtesy of dustin's iphone) After seeing these, these dates will become a mandatory, monthly event. 

Be still, my heart. 


Isn't their just something so precious about a daddy/daughter relationship?

It's like I told D. that night, I sure hope Abby realizes what a good dad she has. No other girl can possibly be this lucky.

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