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School started this week. I'm enrolled for the first time since having Lady A. join our family; I'm already dreading it. But, looking forward to it at the same time. Because, let's be honest: I just can't keep things simple. Ever. Can I? Always mixed emotions. Annnnddd... the first day of fall is right around the corner.

And, so, summer officially comes to a close. While I adore fall, I feel we, in this little bubble we call home, don't get the opportunity to enjoy fall for long (or spring, for that matter). But, I do hate winter. Because of this feeling of the impending doom that is winter I feel it necessary to list a few things that are making me happy slash things that I am looking forward to. And I'm going to share it with the entire cyber world. You're very welcome.

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>> These two. Because they are super duper cute. Right? They are exceptionally cute together. 

>> Season 2 of New Girl is finally on Netflix. Guys. Rarely do I laugh out loud to a television show. And this one makes me LOL every episode. Multiple times. (side note: my sister, morgan = zooey deschanel's personality clone.)

>> Crisp apples. That's all. Oh, and Abby loves to eat an entire apple - no slices for that girl. She walks around all day with a ginormous apple, just munching away. Adorable, but makes her look all too grown up.

>> Fresh peaches. Sliced up. In a bowl. Smothered in almond milk. With a teeeensy dash of brown sugar. I may or may not have eaten it every morning for breakfast for the last five days.

>> I got a new computer. After a very dramatic, drawn-out, incredibly emotional buying process. (I mean, it's just my luck that I bought three computers in 48 hours because the first two were duds.) But, you can quit losing sleep over my sad, computer-less self. Rest assured: we are back in business (only two days late for classes to start!).

>> No high school football games are needing D. to referee tomorrow night! You know what that means? We get a fall, Friday night with the best guy at home. Hallelujah!

>> Cherry on top: I just remembered I hid a package of Pretzel M&Ms in the back of the pantry. (hey, it's better than than the frosty i was thiiiiiiiis close to sending the husband to get for me.)

Now, tell me I'll be OK this semester. Because I'm a tad bit stressed (biggest understatement of the year), even thought I just made a list of all things happy. Tell me. Tell me I can do it.

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  1. I'll be the first to say, YOU CAN DO IT!!! :) Good for you for taking school on as a mom. Some days can be tough, like when your little one is sick, or you yourself are (because moms don't get breaks when they are sick! Ha ha!), but it really isn't that bad (Depending on how many classes/credits you are taking). You will do great! Hopefully my whining didn't make you worried. Chances are you are a much better student than I was. :)

    1. You are so sweet; you actually helped inspire me to go back to school!