by - 8:54:00 PM

^^ couldn't help but snap a couple of pictures of my two favorites while we were trekking around town, in search of photos for my first graphic design assignment ^^

 ^^ caught this on accident: a little lady being toted away from some sketchy stairs mid-tantrum. really, these fits she throws...over every.little.thing. she gets it from her dad; he's like super-duuuuper over dramatic, i mean, she can't get it from me. can she? Don't get me started on her hair. Miss Independent, these days, refuses to allow Mom to touch her hair. I call her Orphan Abby.^^

School is in full swing around these parts - late nights, Parenthood and New Girl on Netflix all night long, while I try not to pull my hair out. 

Abby has a stomach bug. Or something. I can't figure it out, but we're going on a week now. Teeth, maybe? When do all the teeth just come in, already? 

D. is vigorously studying for his first attempt at the GMAT, and dealing with the stress of our future living location, when to continue his education, and family finance. No pressure.
 He's just the best.  

Time is such a funny thing, isn't it? Here I sit, on the verge of tears as I think how fast Abby has grown, changed, and matured. I feel as though I never want anything to change. I want her to stay little, longer. I want us to live in this area, forever. Yet, in the same breath, I find myself wishing time away - yearning for  the "greener grass." Dreaming of owning our own house, both D. and I finished school completely, and being settled enough to own a piano (i'm not quite sure why i associate piano owning with establishment, but i just do). 

I just need moments like these a little more often; moments that I feels overwhelmingly content. Maybe I do have those moments, and I'm too busy wishing away time to recognize them. 


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  1. first off. i loooove your blog.
    second off. her hair. bahahahahahaha.
    third. i'm glad you're awesome at school.