Weekend: A Recap, Of Course

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^^what the picture without lady?! who knew it was possible?^^
photo via my instagram (@ack_alyssa)

Hi folks. You know when you have a super, duper fun weekend, and it's super duper awesome and you love every second? Yeah, I love that. But, then you get home late night and all of a sudden it hits you like a ton of bricks that you are exhausted? That's where we are right now.

Lady and I are laying low today. In fact, I'm blogging during nap time (big surprise, right?) while watching Ellen's season 11 premiere show because, really, I think she's one of the funniest people on the planet (next to my husband, who was distraught this weekend because he claims he is funniest when nobody is around to hear his jokes. don't worry, sweetie, i hear them. you're hilarious.). Ellen, I could definitely benefit from $20,000. Even $100 would be quite a treat. No pressure, just keep me in mind.

Okay, this weekend was kicked off with little league football (for dustin, obviously) and errands and tantrums. Great fun. But, things quickly turned around when we packed up and trekked to P-town to spend the night. And watch some Michigan football (and celebrate a victory over notre dame. looks like dustin switched his allegiance just in time). And eat too much food. And play outside. And watch a movie.

And to not sleep. Remember how Abby hates staying anywhere besides her own bed? Yep. So, so much fun.

So, bright and early (after what felt like one of the longest nights of our lives) we were up and out the door (on time, thanks to grandma for feeding us and getting abby ready head to toe!) to make the quick jaunt to Grace for Lacey's mission report. She did spectacular, and we always love an excuse to party with our family!

Again, we ate too much. Abby napped, by some miracle (or the fact that she'd been up all night), and we played games and made fun of D. (the most hilarious person on the planet). I ingested way too much caffeine, trying to keep myself awake. Some of my favorite times are sitting around, chatting with my in-laws. Man, I love those people and I feel so lucky I get to call them family.

So, recap: Abby was spoiled rotten and had constant attention (surprise, surprise), we were exhausted (but loved every minute), I didn't take any pictures (what in the world is my problem?), annnnddd.... today I am doing laundry. And that's it, because it's a ginormous project. Why is it, when we go away for the weekend, I return with an amount of dirty laundry equivalent to a normal week at home? Really, why?

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