A Cross Country Meet

by - 11:54:00 AM

^^cutest ever, right?!^^

Hi, y'all. We finally made it to a cross country meet. Abby and I, that is. Sadly, Uncle Kendon is hurt this season (insert super-sad-sister-face here...we are crossing our fingers for a speedy quick recovery, kendon!), but Josh is following in his footsteps. (see what i did there? not even on purpose!)

 Annnnnddd...we were so excited to see this superstar run! He is so passionate about it, and when Josh is passionate about something - it gives whole new definition to the term. 

Lady had a blast cheering (let's be honest, any chance she gets to hear her own voice is a good time), and actually  got quite the workout herself. Good thing there are people willing to chase her around endlessly. 

^^whenever kendon is near, abby's hand are out, on guard. can't say i blame her.^^

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