Conference Weekend

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^^abby inspecting her new cousin, daegan. she was only mildly interested. mostly, she was interested in poking him.^^

We had planned a cozy weekend together watching conference, eating our traditional orange rolls for breakfast and just lounging around - the three of us. If you can't tell, we're kind of homebodies (especially this mom, but the little lady sure likes her schedule, too). But, Baby Daegan made his entrance in the world (and boy did he make a grand entrance!) and our plans quickly took an about face. We threw together a quick trip to Rexburg to love on the new babe. I mean... those cheeks! Can you blame us?

We made sure we had a chance to see Aunt Haylee and Aunt Morgan - using Mill Hollow as bait to pull them away from their busy college lives. Then we sat Lady square on their laps so she'd eat their frozen yogurt and not ours. We're no dummies. 

^^but, really, mill hollow is probably one of our very favorite places to eat. it's pathetic how much we love it.^^

We promptly strapped an overly sleepy, fit throwing, Abby into the car right in time for the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference - which we listened to via radio while Abby (ahem...and i...whoopsies - thank goodness for the web. i've already been re-watching and listening.) slept.

We crashed a party at the Larsen's in Preston just in time to eat (again). We have awesome timing. Abby destroyed the house, ate everyone's jello salad right off their plates, planted her hand square into the pan of brownies, and bit into about 35 apples - all while showing off, obviously. Everyone finds her hilarious, why would she not continue to be a constant whirlwind of chaos? 

Oh, and she picked her very first pumpkin from Mabel's garden! She carried it around with her for the remainder of the afternoon. Just her size. 

^^daddy all dressed up right before we kicked him out the door for priesthood session^^

And our fun didn't stop there. While D. was at priesthood meeting with Grandpa H. and Uncle Kendon, Lady and partied with Grandma, Aunt Brooke, and Aunt Sydney. And we crashed there for the night, and watched the Sunday sessions of General Conference. And ate. And ate. And ate. Surprised? (insert sarcasm)

See how much family time we got this weekend?! All crammed into one. Love it. 
^^lady promptly took over sydney's art homework. "look, syd, i'll show you how it's done."^^

^^between sessions game of catch^^

If  you want to catch the conference I'm talking about, and hear from living prophets, check it out here. It's my favorite time of year. I promise you won't regret it. 

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