Family Slumber Party

by - 11:02:00 AM

Somehow, Lady realized it was Friday night - and knew that meant time to par-taaaay. Really, though, she would not go to sleep. Weird, for her. We really love our schedules and sleep around here. So, Daddy had an idea: why not have a family slumber party? We whipped out the couch-bed (aka, bed of springs and zero padding), snacked on grapes and apples (fruit is our very favorite late night snack - next to ice cream, that is), and watched The Rescuers Down Under

Really, though, nights like these stop me in my tracks and make me realize: these were the things I day-dreamed about as a little girl. Is it way too corny for me to say, "Dreams really do come true?" Because, I feel like they did (and do). 

(it's ok for you to openly mock me, i get it.)

**Disclaimer: we use the term "slumber party" extremely loosely. We watched half of the movie, and then all retired to our own beds around midnight. Like I said, we love our sleep. 

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