Life Lately (via the phone)

by - 10:52:00 AM

Photo catch up of our life lately, according to our phones. 
(warning: poor quality pictures to follow)

^^what happens when the nice lady at subway gives this girl a free cookie^^

^^stumbled across this sweet scene from a distance... my heart.^^

^^not much patience when learning new puzzles^^

^^how shopping works these days^^

^^book worms (for those who don't know, lily - on the right - is a little girl we watch a few times a week.)^^

^^every toy must be out. at all times.^^

^^thanks to aunt mabel, lady is now obsessed with apples^^

^^after a particularly rough night. poor baby had the stomach flu for a little over two weeks. no fun.^^

^^i mean...^^

^^oh the frustration that comes when you are too big to sit on a shelf. she tried for a good 10 minutes. hashtag: persistent.^^

^^chips for dinner. awesome parenting.^^

^^referee abby^^

^^someone pinch me.^^

^^diva? here we go.^^

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