by - 8:29:00 PM

^^because at one point, it seemed more logical for girlfriend to work on some homework than for me to continue. that's where we're at this week, folks.^^

Like mentioned, this week has been a doozy. Tomorrow I am scheduled for a small surgery tomorrow that I am hoping will turn things around. Really, I'm hoping. Thank goodness for our awesome families and friends (friends! thank goodness we live where we do and know who we know! really, we are just so lucky.) who have taken Lady A. for me. Let's be honest. She far prefers them to me, anyway. 

So, I've been feeling bad for myself, attempting (not very hard) to stay positive, and drowning in school work - and that's all going to change tomorrow. Right? Of course right. 

But, we had dinner in a pumpkin tonight (delish!) and the Great Pumpkin paid a visit. Silver linings. 

Fingers crossed the sun will come out tomorrow!

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