You Know, the Usual.

by - 9:58:00 PM

^^as i was putting away groceries, lady found her way to the tub of flour - much to her daddy's dismay. but, we pick our battles around here. some things are just not worth the fight (but well worth her extreme euphoria).^^

We had a good weekend, guys. No football games needed refereeing on Saturday (yahoo!) which meant Lady and I had company on our endless errands. Annnnddd... D. had yesterday (thank you, columbus...or something) off work. And then today, too! That's right, we enjoyed four straight days with our favorite guy. 

Dustin and I stayed up far too late every night watching (dare i admit it?) The Walking Dead. I don't know why we like it, but for some reason we do. Even me, the ultimate scardey-cat. Though, it is ridiculously fake. 

And, now, I am prepping for an overnight jaunt to the p-town to watch some kids run so fast they puke their guts out. Ahh, I'm so proud of my siblings. D. is studying for the GMAT he is taking this Saturday (eeeeek!) and practicing for his ping pong tournament, scheduled for later this month (yes, ping pong. don't ask. because, frankly, i don't know. he even bought a new "professional" paddle. whatevs.). Lady is currently snoozing - she's exhausted. I mean, she's a busy girl. What, with her waltzing around all day demanding my attention ("lyssa! lyssa!" really, who gave her permission to call me that? i'm your mother, child.) and jumping ("wonnne...twoooo....treee..." jump. but, more of a squat-to-the-ground-stand-up-super-fast "jump."). Super busy life she leads.

Oh, and the most exciting thing around these parts: Dustin's birthday is Friday! 27. 

I just love birthdays. Dustin, on the other hand, not so much. (although he goes above and beyond for mine every year. what a sweetie.) I find myself begging him, "Pleeeasssseee...tell me what you want." (i mean, a man can only be given so many dress socks before it gets old, ya know?) "Do you want to have people over?" "Do you want to go anywhere?" But, we get nowhere. Truthfully, I'm coming to realize he would prefer to park the three of us on the couch an watch some sort of sporting event and eat snicker doodles on his birthday. 

Bless him. He is just so easy, he won't even complain over a no-fuss birthday (it's not secret, i'd be pretty bummed.). But, by golly, I'm going to force cake down his throat regardless. (who knew birthday cake could end up sounding hostile?)

So, there's that. 

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