Checking In

by - 11:45:00 PM

picture via my instagram (@ack_alyssa) from last saturday. worth posting twice, because i say so. 

Hi. I have far too much to catch up on in one night (for my own purposes, not for the purpose of entertaining you. don't let your expectations get away from you.). We've (read: i've) got the nasty head cold around our house. Awesome; that time of year, I guess?

So, tonight we are going to curl up and was National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (my husband has never seen this. i repeat: my husband has never seen this. who.did.i.marry?!) and probably some P double L, too (why, oh, why do these stupid girls always wander around alone, at night. have all the answers to life's biggest mysteries. but, really, why can't aria say, "shhh..." like a normal person?) because, let's be honest, that's who we are.

Here's to the freakin' weekend. (speaking of the weekend, does 7-Eleven put a limit on the number of overly large fountain drinks one can purchase? if so, i'm going to push those limits. i just know it.)

Now, it's too bad my child does not understand the concept of 'sleeping in.'

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