Happenings Lately (according to my iPhone pictures)

by - 11:09:00 AM

^^grandma patty and lacey came to spend a night with us at the end of october. obviously abby was in heaven.^^

^^grandma harrison came to help us out a couple of days after my surgery. life saver, as always. lady went shopping with her, colored endlessly, and wouldn't leave her side.^^

^^unfortunately, meltdowns occur on a regular basis. but, really, when is it my turn to act like this? just once.^^

^^abby's obsession with ranch has commenced. this particular night she cleared all of her salad (aka: nonsense) off her plate in order to get to the ranch. priorities, people.^^

^^play dates with kennedy. could these two be any more opposite?^^


^^abby found the notebook d. gave me the first christmas we were dating. she carries it with her nearly everywhere and constantly opens it to look at "mama" and "dadad"^^

^^thank you, costco, for the temptation. a gallon of nutella?! i'll admit, it was one of the hardest things we've every passed up.^^

^^abby's first time in the mcdonald's play place, typical? i am petrified of these (can you say: disease?!), but i was in desperate need of some time to write a paper, so i packed up lily and abby and fed them a wholesome lunch at micky d's. of course, this was her reaction. she did warm up, eventually, and now i'm kicking myself. why did i ever introduce her to the nasty?!! so much for keeping her naive.^^

Life around here has been pretty predictable and laid back, as of late. Between my surgery, the nasty November cold/sinus junk, school, work, Dustin's basketball games, church callings, babysitting, friends and family, doctor and dentist appointments, and our over excessive baking (and eating) habits --- we've just been all around chillin' and enjoying our own schedule. I'm sure that's all about to change, you know, because of the holidays. 

So, in the meantime, we're just hanging out, saving our pennies for Black Friday.

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