Starting November {in black and white + a splash of color}

by - 11:28:00 PM

^^and of course we pasted that bad boy right up on the refrigerator. raw excitement, right here. her first ever fridge craft. weird that we are this proud? we know.^^

^^can't you literally hear them saying "cheeeeeeeeese"? and so begin the fake smiles.^^

we've (i've) been laying low the last couple of weeks. last night we decided to take advantage of our time in and take advantage of the toddler in our house all at once. so, we kicked off november with a turkey-coloring-session. 

ahhh...november - you sure started a little rocky but things are bound to turn around. 
we're excited you're here. 
now, i think we are going to get out the hot chocolate machine. you know, to ensure the extra pounds that inevitably show up this time of year are here to stay. because, that's how we roll. 

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