The Holiday I Once Despised

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I've never loved Halloween. Even as a child, the holiday was only appealing if I had a glamorous costume lined up (a favorite: a bride. oh, how i adored that veil my mother hot glued to a headband.). 

But, now I have a child. And all of a sudden, Halloween is enjoyable, and even a little exciting.

 Last year, while it was fun, she was a baby, and we used the excuse to gallivant to the Jazz game. This year, I'm sure she was not quite sure why people were handing her candy (and she didn't even have to cry and scream and thrash about for it. crazy!), but she accepted, obviously. I don't think she understood the costume idea, but she thought she looked hilarious and rocked it excitedly (tell me, why this girl won't leave on a hat in -35 degree weather for longer than .5 seconds, but will wear a pumpkin stem for hours on end?!). 

Anyway, the events surrounding the holiday were a little rocky (you know, because my body decided to try to kill me from the inside out. so, that was awesome), I was scheduled for surgery Halloween morning. Thanks to our super awesome friends (really, we love them!) for taking Lady to make the most of her holiday and easing my mother's guilt a tad bit. 

A few of the events went like this:

^^Lady accompanied Josh, Lisa, and Lily (who she prefers over us any day) to the neighborhood Halloween party. She cried when she had to come back home to me. Needless to say, she loved it. They graciously loaned her a costume, and got her dressed. And let her crash their house all day. Really, she adores them. They sent me this picture during the party.^^

^^Starting our annual tradition of "dinner-in-a-pumpkin" on Halloween Eve. Really, it doesn't look appealing, but it's delicious.^^

^^And the Great Pumpkin paid a visit!^^

^^After playing with other friends all day on Halloween (while d. and i were at the hospital), Miss Abby returned long enough to transform into the most adorable ladybug the world has seen, and then she was whisked out the door with a beaming Daddy to trick-or-treat with more friends (how many times can i mention our friends and say just how good they are? not enough, because they have saved us lately!).

 Somehow, the second she was handed her loot bucket, she instinctively knew its purpose and unloaded the bowl of Kit Kats (the candy we had purchased to hand out) into her own bucket. So proud.^^

^^Doesn't she look like the biggest kid?! I mean, that's a little girl out trick-or-treating with her friends! That's not my baby!^^

I call it a success. I was super bummed I did not get to accompany the festivities (not for lack of trying, my husband refused to let me near the door. protective, and right, he is.) Lady loved it. I guess having a child really does bring out the child in you, doesn't it?

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