Abby Meets Santa

by - 3:19:00 PM

Some of our good friends were kind enough to spread the word that Santa would be stopping by their house last Monday evening. We were thrilled to avoid long mall lines and overpriced pictures. Abby... had no idea. I practiced all day, "What does Santa say?" To which, half of the time she would mumble enthusiastically, "Ho, Ho, Ho..." and the other half of the time she would bark. Because, you know, the those two are interchangeable.

We chatted with friends, while we waited for the Jolly Old Saint Nick to enter - and ate (always eating). When he did arrive, bells a-jingling and Mrs. Claus in tow, Abby was hesitant - but surprisingly the typically scaredy cat didn't make a whimper. In fact, she hardly hesitated to climb up on his lap (though refusing eye contact). She collected her candy cane and scooted right off.

And then, we tried for a family picture. And she lost it. That's the reaction I expected, but, turns out our lady will face her biggest fears square in the face when there is a treat involved.
That's my girl.

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