Absentee, That's Me

by - 10:06:00 PM

I've been missing. Missing from the blog world that is. Don't get me wrong, I spend plenty of time perusing other's lives, via their own blogs (far too much time, admittedly). And, exciting things have been happening around here, y'all. And, I've been absent. 

For good reason (see below), I think. 

While this picture may seem insignificant (warning, i'm about to share far too much information) it is taken from my view from inside the bathroom. And that, friends, is my daughter's hand. Back in the day, before I was a mother myself - other mothers told me that I would not be able to even use the bathroom in peace. And inside, I laughed. Inside, I thought, "Yeah. Right." And here I am, inside a bathroom, half laughing, half crying - because it has indeed come to pass. 

And, this. You guys...the tantrums. Again, I find myself half laughing (because, the drama is pathetically hilarious) and half crying (because there is no rationalizing with the little diva). This has been happening a whole, awful lot. 

Also, turns out school consumes some time. I find myself stressing over it. Over eating. Ignoring it (pondering life's biggest mysteries like, "who the h is 'a'?!" and, "is it possible there are actual drugs in cadbury eggs that make me need them? there must be, because i cannot stop thinking about them.") And then I face the school work, get overwhelmed, freak out, cry, and go to sleep. Because, let's be honest, sleep makes everything better.

Wait, do you think Abby gets her drama from her mother or her (incredibly calm, logical) father?

Anyway, I've been absent slacking. And that's why. 

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  1. Oh Alyssa. I feel for you! I hate thinking back on online classes. I swear they literally take twice the amount of time to do vs. A class on campus. And its hard with little ones! Tyson is taking two classes from byui now too and he is SO busy with everything. I hate it! 2 more weeks! :) I was SO proud of myself for finishing though. My degree didn't look like much compared to most people, but I knew the cost and sacrifice it took to get it! You can do it! :)
    PS. I blame my bad habits in online classes sometimes. :/ although I know it was my choice, I experienced a lot of the same things you mentioned. I was a BALL of stress.

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