Christmas Mourning

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^^so many presents! (and, truthfully, this only a fraction of them.)^^

Is anyone else mourning the finality that comes the day after Christmas? I am. I felt like a child this morning, whining to D. that I didn't want Christmas to be over. I think these feelings are only heightened after preparing for and spedning Christmas with Toddler Lady A. I am now convinced there is nothing better than hearing her say, "Oooo!" as she would tear into a present particularly appealing to her. But, it is over. And while I mourn, I'll attempt to re live it again through pictures. 

After arriving in Grace afternoon of Christmas Eve, we were served a scrumptious dinner that just thinking about I'm pretty sure I'm gaining five pounds. Later, Papa John (as per tradition) read the nativity story and the kids ran around dressed as the most distracting wise men, and angel in history (though Baby Jesus was well behaved).  A present was opened that night - and, go figure, Abby would not sleep (...oh what fun...). When she finally did sleep, we also slept, anxiously listening for reindeer paws on the rooftop. 

^^christmas eve family photo^^

And Santa found us! 

^^"melmo!" she says. and so, it begins.^^

Like I said before, the gift giving was overwhelming - and literally took all day and four sessions to finish it up. Need I say that we were spoiled? Rotten, absolutely spoiled rotten. 

^^hey, puma! contact us! let's be partners!^^

^^now, little lady, quit stealing mine and back wash in your own!^^

^^you guys! are we lucky kids, or what?! i literally started to cry. i mean...yahooooooo!^^ 

^^i'm not sure where she learned to smother the baby, but apparently it's a neccesity when child is in the carrier. and, one year the ackermans did a "homemade christmas." little dustin made this doll blanket and pillow for little lacey. lacey gave it to abby for christmas this year! so, so sweet! i love things like that.^^

^^these two played in near harmony for longer than two seconds! had to be documented.^^

And...we got to talk to Uncle Chase! Yay! 

^^uncle chase, we miss you! it just isn't the same without this kid.^^

So, I'm going to be completely open and raw here: 

This is the first Christmas I have not spent with my (harrison) family. D. and Miss Abby are my family, but this is the first year not spent with my...roots, so to speak (due to holiday rotation schedules not matching up with works schedules in the past). I was looking forward to Christmas with the Ackermans, and was excited for new traditions, etc. But, Christmas Eve we stopped by the house in P-town to drop off a few gifts. As we were walking to the car, I had a huge lump in my throat and was swallowing back tears - reality was hitting. I sent a text message to my family, acknowledging my longing for their presence in my holiday. My mom made it only worse as she responded, "My first Christmas without my oldest baby." Still, I was not upset about our holiday plans, and still remained excited - but, that excitement was mixed with some confused sadness (making any sense?). 

Then, I walked in to the Ackerman home, and felt just that - at home. We ate dinner, carried out traditions, talked, and mingled with family. Last night, as Christmas was coming to a close and Lady and finally gone to sleep, D. made an off hand comment that this was my first Christmas away from "home." And as I processed that, I realized it didn't feel that way. I was with my family. And this morning, I was even having a hard time leaving. 

And you guys, that's just out great the family is I married into.

The family we are (the mr. me, and the little lady) sure are lucky to be a part of two larger families who sure are just the greatest. 

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  1. We love you Alyssa!! You are most definitely an important part of this family.