Christmas with the Harrisons 2013

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[i feel that this title should be a movie similar to 'national lampoon's christmas vacation'. if you have the privilege of knowing the harrsions, you'll understand that this is not a far fetched idea.]

^^blurry, but i just couldn't pass it up. thanks for the pictures, syd!^^

After the Christmas festivities had slowed in Grace, we packed up and crashed in Preston for the night. Where, Lady was spoiled even more. When we arrived, sadly, Aunt Haylee was having surgery (insert sad face here). While we waited, D. wasted no time putting to use the new ping pong table the household recieved for Christmas. Even Abby played, and took it rather seriously too (like father like daughter)!

Later, Aunt Haylee arrived in one piece (so to speak), we exchanged presents, attempted to play card games, ate (too much! again!), and watched a movie. Lady was in heaven, as were we. 

Why I managed to get next to no pictures, I'm not sure. So, I'll post what few I do have. 

^^lady has formed an attachment to horses (or 'neighs') in the last week. the fascination started about the day before christmas eve, so too late for santa to get the memo. luckily, grandma had this one at their house. she was in goes without saying that grandma and grandpa are suckers for miss abby; and now we have the horse here. lucky us.^^

^^haylee's birthday is new years day. she is graduating as a registered nurse in april (yay for her! she's awesome!), so long before she was scheduled for surgery, we bought her birthday present - to give her extra practice before entering the workforce. it was especially ironic she opened it that day. being the cruel sister i am, i laughed. and laughed.^^

^^do you know my mom? if you do, you know just how...frugal (?) she is. pistachios being one of her very favorite things, this gift from abby was much appreciated.^^

^^because a principal can never have too many ties, right?^^

^^abby was re gifted a porcelain doll made for me by my great-aunt. i'd say she loves it just as much as i did. oh, and so many dress-up clothes! we just couldn't wait to try them on, apparently.^^

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