Hailey Dances

by - 9:01:00 PM

I have far too much to talk about. So, I'm going to choose the totally irrational thing to do - and go backwards. Because, starting at the beginning (clear back in october! dustin's birthday! slacker wife, right here.) seems too daunting. And, I'm overwhelmed enough as it is right now. Sickness. School (finals...). Christmas. Anyway, all that to say: 

"Recently, in the Ackerman  family --"

So, Hailey (d's youngest sister) dances. I say it like that, because (shocker), I do not. Nor do I know anything about dancing (minus the fact i once owned a red leotard. when i was four. and my family still makes fun of that performance. so, that explains the extent of my dance knowledge.), so I am completley in awe of her talent. 

Abby and I make a quick (overnight) trip to the big town of Grace to watch her winter performance. Despite Abby puking within minutes of landing in Grace (it's that time of year, isn't it? no matter what, all kids get sick, don't they? i hate this time of year, only for that reason.), we thoroughly enjoyed our quick jaunt. Abby watched the entire performance quite contently. 

Hailey was gorgeous, and I couldn't capture it in the right, because - let's be honest - I am a stinky photographer. And then you throw in those harsh stage lights and I really stink. But, squint real hard, look past the glare and look how adorable Miss Hailey is. 

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