Last Minute Brownie Points

by - 6:45:00 AM

^^miss abby being extra nice, scoring some brownie points with the big guy, giving him 'loves'. can you say, precious?^^

Merry Christmas Eve! I can hardly believe it. Christmas Eve has always been my favorite. We are running on little sleep around here, trying to make the perfect Christmas morning for our little lady (and all the rest we love a super duper amount, too!) - though we could probably re wrap the same gift 95 times and she would be equally happy. But, we are first time parents, and suckers for this little fireball. So, we shop, and wrap, and shop some more. 

Hopefully her enthusiasm matches ours to at least some degree. Because, man, we are a couple of excited parents. And, of course, though we are excited for the gift giving and visit from a certain Mr. Claus that is commercially Christmas morning, our hearts are especially grateful for the birth of a little baby in Bethlehem all that time ago, and the events that transpired to make us the family unit we are today. Because, guys, D. and our little lady are my whole world. And, it's an awesome world to be in. 

So, while our blood pumps too fast (too much sugar, the last few days), and the anticipation builds, we are so, so grateful to be the family of three that we are. 

Merry Christmas, you guys! 

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