A Few Snippets of Our January (via my phone)

by - 9:07:00 PM

^^manicure from the best. turns out she isn't nearly as wiggly as her mother.^^

^^enjoying a grace high basketball game with uncle jamie. she adores him. also, grace's state basketball team (10 years later!) were recognized at half time. including our very own d. - all grown up from his sophomore self. cute, right?^^

^^abby's hangout the majority of the day: the princess tent, on its side. only the coolest of the cool get an invite, that's why i observe and take pictures, apparently. thanks, girlfriend. thanks a lot. oh, and her parents are too lazy to put her skirt on post diaper change after church. so, tights only!^^

^^abby insists on pushing the cart instead of riding. awesome. and manageable. if she didn't also insist on walking on her knees while "pushing." tell me, how do you shop with a toddler? because every trip makes me question my life expectancy.^^

^^and...in case shopping wasn't difficult enough, somehow she discovered these on the way out one day. like, super duper fun! right?^^

^^and with that, dad's sunday nap came to an abrupt end.^^

^^family home evening. the one time we made it through without a tantrum. mostly because we colored pictures of the "tantoole." (you know, temple.)^^

^^lucky us! we got to hang out with baby daegan for the afternoon one day! and we just couldn't get enough of this grin. I mean, really.^^

^^abby just adores lily. for reals.^^

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