Dustin's 27th

by - 8:42:00 AM

Dustin's 27th birthday was nearly three months ago (i have plastered the idiot sign on my forehead myself). What he wanted: gum, mouthwash, to spend time with us (insert sappy: "awwww." yes, that is really what he asked for. and, yes, he was sincere.), and to watch the Cardinals' game that night. He got home from work, we promptly opened gifts and packed up for Buffalo Wild Wings, seeing how we are uber lame and don't have more than four local channels (poor dustin, really.). Abby realized her love of ranch dressing that night, the Cardinals won, and D. turned another year older. 

Really, it was a good day. And everyday we are lucky to have this guy around; maybe I should make a pathetically decorated, and tacky cake more often to celebrate him. Because, really, we don't do it enough. 

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  1. That RED plate!!! We TOTALLY had that same one when I was growing up!! Loooove it!

    1. the plate: totally a classic! we definitely had it growing up, too! i bust it out every chance we get. it's even been broken and glued back together - and i REFUSE to get rid of it :)