Lights on Temple Square

by - 7:39:00 PM

Mid December roped some friends to trekking from Grace to our neck of the woods for a night out to dinner and temple square (which seems to be quickly becoming somewhat of a tradition for the husband and me. see a glimpse of our first trip here, and our last trip here). Dinner was delicious, as we knew it would be. Temple Square was beautiful, as expected. Cold, packed with too many people, but beautiful. Abby did not appreciate it as much as we did (and my that, i mean she cried for the majority of the walk around the grounds. not that i blame was coooold! mean parents, we are.). But, it was a must, Temple Square before Christmas - despite the frigid cold, I think it did aid the Christmas cheer to spread a little quicker around our tiny living space. 

^^i mean, mom! take a hint! 
(don't worry, this was on our way out. also, note the mittens gone all wrong. tell me, is it as difficult for you to get your toddlers' thumbs in the right place as it is for us? really, we struggle.)^^

^^and, again, the fake smile is in full swing around here. can't you just hear her saying, "cheeeeessssseee?"^^

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