New Year's Day: 2014

by - 10:42:00 AM

Holy smokes, it's 2014 guys! (and i'm late acknowledging that. denial, maybe?)

^^the new years fairy brought miss abby my very favorite childhood book. and shoes, the fairy brought abby shoes in her shoe...fairy - get with it lady!^^

We had a blast ringing in the new year, the only way we would want to: enjoying a relaxing day together, just the three of us. After visits from family (both sides! we are so lucky to have both families live close. really, we loooove visits. hint hint, family!), a trip to the air force base museum, we settled into the eve of the new year - ready to just chill. Lady went to bed (periodically woken up by fireworks. funny, the things that irritate parents. things i once found hilarious, now i am the old lady standing in the window shaking my fist.), and D. and I did a puzzle - barely able to stay awake until midnight. But, success: we did it! 

The New Years Fairy paid her visit, we went to breakfast (still one of my very favorite things to do), and took our little lady to her very first movie (frozen! see it! we all loved it!!), which she handled surprisingly well. Though, she did scream, "Neigh!" every time any animal that even resembled a horse came on screen (namely, the ever present reindeer). Other parents loved us, I'm sure. 

Then, we chilled. 

Like I said, just the way we like it. 

^^leave your shoe by the door new year's eve, and the fairy brings everything santa forgot. try it; it works for us every year! ps: do you see the 3-in-1 vac, maddy? loooove it!^^

^^every tried getting a toddler to look at a camera when they are hungry and defiant? impossible. do i look tired or what? that 1:30 am bedtime is too much for me, these days.^^

^^a dark, grainy, movie selfie. and an abby trying to see the screen, sick of her parentals documenting her first movie going experience.^^

^^really, though, we loved it.^^

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  1. Ha ha ha! Yay! Glad you are liking it!! :)
    PS. You probably think I am crazy lady whose comments you probably get sick of! :/ But your family is just adorable and you are like an awesome writer. I am jealous of your skills. ;)

    1. Heck no! I love your comments. And, I stalk your blog way more! So keep commenting so I feel justified in my obsession with YOUR adorable family! :)