Thanksgiving: 2013 Edition

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[It is the first day of 2014, and I am sitting on the couch - watching "Melmo" with Miss Abby (who may or may not be eating a roll, and corn - with a huge side of whoppers left over from our trip to the matinee today). I wish I was blogging about being inspired and motivated, but D. and I were up until well past midnight, determined to finish a puzzle and Abby is refusing to nap (for the second day in a row. So, while we are having a good day, I'll post an old post I have not published for some reason, because, I'm tired. Without further ado: the thanksgiving post.]

Well, post of shame. This is a Thanksgiving post. Suffice it to say, Thanksgiving (all all subsequent events, too) was just too much fun - thus, too many pictures were snapped, and I'm just too lazy to sort them all. So, here's the skimmed version, via pictures (a teeny, tiny fraction of the pictures snapped). Take our word for it: we had a blast.

Thanksgiving this year was spent in Missoula with some of our very favorite people. On the way there, we crashed the house of some of our other favorite people: the Ulrichs. Abby warmed up instantaneously and became Scott's long lost bff (second only to dustin, who scott named his best friend moments before meeting him for the first time).

The next morning, we were on our way. With many pit stops, and a toddler. I feel that is an explaination enough of the trip. We spent that day doing some last minute shopping and eating. Always eating at the Fulford's. Always. 

^^family photo thanksgiving 2013^^

Thanksgiving was a success and started with a bang - making an early morning run to buy several ads. Because, guys, Black Friday is serious business. 

^^look at my big.girl. with her big.girl. thanksgiving plate. it makes my heart hurt and and swoon all at once.^^

^^really? did your heart just die? mine does every time i look at this.^^

Shortly (read: instantly) after dinner was eaten we booked it to the sale. We are those people. And we are proud of it. While we partied, Lady did too: with her adorable cousins, uncles, and aunts. 

^^we got a concerned call mid-shopping, reporting girlfriends was frazzled, exhausted, and as result, screaming. we rushed back for a pit stop - and found her like this. this never happens.^^

We sure wore ourselves out shopping (getting up early the next morning, too. the things we do for a good deal). So, I crashed that afternoon during Lady's nap - then we did the only logical thing and headed to the Missoula Carousel.  Abby was ecstatic and immediately started clapping, impatiently waiting her turn. When we got on, she was in heaven. Three times she went (once with dad, twice with mom). Leaving was rough. to say the least. .

^^see? tough.^^

^^see? i told you, cutest cousins (and a grumpy abby)^^

Again, the best time, with the best people.
Now, take me back, give D. more days off, and make food with no calories. 

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