The Funky Time

by - 9:41:00 PM

^^because, when its the dead of winter, and your daugther refuses any food for breakfast you smother her pancake in nutella. and then she smirks at you like this, as if to say, "haha! sucka!"^^

Guys, we (i, me, myself...but i'm going to say 'we' because it makes me feel better) are in a serious January funk around here. Like, really. The semester started (for me) on the sixth. I have yet to read anything my classes are requiring me to. Because, I just don't care. I just want to curl up and binge on a diet made strictly of Symphony bars (you know, the ones with the toffee and nuts. the good ones.) and drink Diet Coke. In bed. With no make up on. But, for some reason life still goes on - despite my winter blues. Blah! And, with that, my dreams go out the window. (note to self: it's not like those dreams could be a reality, alyssa. remember that insane toddler running around your house? she's yours. you don't get to lay in bed, ya know. as your dad says, "no rest for the wicked.")

Abby even seems to be in a funk. Luckily clips of Frozen on YouTube seem to brighten her mood and before long she is dancing (read: spinning) around the kitchen, singing at the top of her lungs ("...let it go! let it go! let it go!" because that's all she knows.). Oh, and she eats chocolate with me. Easing the guilt, I guess. But really, I can only take so many tantrums inside the little apartment we call home before I'm either pulling my hair out, or out of Crisco because I've baked sooo many things. You know, to relieve stress.

We really do try to stay busy. We shop (turns out we aren't made of as much money as I need. weird.), and we go to the library, and we play with friends. But that feeling of blah is still there, sometimes. It's not that I'm wishing away time, because time goes too fast. Just winter, really.

And really, is it just me, or does it seem like January gives this feeling of never ending winter? I mean we live in Utah, it's not like February will be that much warmer. So, I ask, whhhyyyyy do we live here? I mean, for real.

But, it's a long weekend (for dustin, but let's be real, i count it a long weekend for me too. yay for more procrastination!). So, that's good, huh? Anyway, the point of this post's pointless. Really, I guess I'm looking for validation.

Puh-lease tell me I'm not the only one like this. Lie, even.

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  1. ha ha! ok, I know the winter funk all to well! I was already feeling it come on in oh.... November! (yikes!) Oh and Kaleb (my BOY mind you) is just like Abby... "Let it go!" is pretty much the title of that movie to him. haha! Oh and we totally watch the YouTube Frozen clips too! :)