Because a Mullet Is Never Acceptable

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Guys. Let's be real - Girlfriend has had a mullet for a very long time. Most were nice enough not to point it out to me, but some did (*cough* harrison family *cough*). And I admitted it, too. But, let's be real - I'm a sap. And I was hanging onto that little mullet for dear life. I mean, it's not like she's growing all that much hair. Buuuuuut... it was getting ridiculous. And there is never a valid excuse for a mullet. 

So, the Lady of the House got her first real haircut today. Lisa (our awesome friend - and Lily's mom) works miracles with hair. So,  we roped her into cutting Crazy's hair. Did I mention Abby's obsessed with Lisa? (the whole family, actually. josh, lisa, and lily. obsessed. it's unhealthy, really.) So, it went perfectly. Abby watched a "show" on my phone (thankyouthankyouthankyou, pbs kids! the app is truly a life saver.) and chilled out. Surprising, for the inner spaz child she is.

When the cut was complete, she shook her head and declared, "Pweeetty!" (while looking at her nails, because, she thinks pretty means she has nail polish on. it's ok, she's smart at other things, guys.) And she's walked around, fluffing her hair since.

^^lisa. would you believe it if i told you they are expecting a baby boy in five days?! i mean, really, let's make the rest of the world feel like trash, lisa. and, in real life, she's always this put together (that sentence was written by me, wearing my ratty pjs, with no makeup on). And, she's probably the sweetest person on the planet. like, they don't get better than this, people.

also, don't mind the school mess in the background. wish i could blame it on someone else, but, it's me. it's all me.^^

^^because the only documentation i could get was her on the move. apparently her new hair also gives new life and energy. heaven help us all, if that's true.^^

^^and, just because. i guess when you get a big girl hair cut, you have big girl business to attend to via the remote-telephone.^^

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  1. So cute! I don't know why, but the first hair cut always makes your kiddos look so much bigger all of the sudden. She is adorable.