Elthsa's House

by - 3:04:00 PM

So, I'm a stalker, it's not secret, really. I read so, so many blogs. But, one of my favorites is Tales of Me and the Husband. Bridget is real, hilarious, and so relatable. A few weeks back she had a giveaway for tickets to the ice castle in Midway. Girlfriend's obsession with Frozen is no secret, and she wanders around our apartment belting, "Let it go! Let it go!" still. And, we were lucky enough to win the giveaway! 

We didn't make it there until President's Day, and luckily we did! Apparently it has been unseasonably warm around these parts (please, don't be playing a joke on us, utah! it would be so rude.) so that ended up being the last open day. It was crowded, and Lady hated the line (to be expected), but as soon as we entered the castle - she started calling for her BFF: Elsa! 

Really, it truly was incredible. Watching Abby waltz around, what she thought to be, "Elthsa's house!" I mean, pretty much fulfilled her wildest dream. And, in her words, was "awethsome!"

^^thanks to aunt tanya, we have the first hat that has ever fit abby's head. and, maybe, just maybe, it's a little bit big. never thought i'd see the day. i'm the one to blame - me and my huge head. sometimes, abby, genetics suck. and i'm sorry.^^

^^"Elthsa! Elthsa!" Can you see it? The excitement? The dreams fulfilled?^^

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