Kendon Runs Simplot 2014

by - 9:20:00 PM

^^abby was awfully stressed watching uncle kendon run his first mile of track season 2014^^

We really like to take advantage of living close to family and try to be at any/all major (or minor) events (of any kind) we can be. Basically, we like to hang out and cheer for our family. So, we trekked to Pocatello for Kendon's first track meet. Boy, we love watching that kid run. Abby got flustered and anxious, cheering (read: screaming) for her Uncle Kendon. So flustered, in fact, she refused to sleep in the car on the way home (boy, that made for a fun ride! ha!). 

^^aunt morgan gave girlfriend some 'lipstick' and abby sat still for the next 10 seconds. a record stillness for the evening. also, the rest of the family was there - but somehow we got zero pictures. fail.^^

^^ignore my wide open trap. but check out lady cheering. i mean...she was cheering. also, look how else came to the meet (upper left)! papa john and grandma patty are the best ever!^^

^^we really do think this kid's a rockstar!^^

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