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^^sometimes, as a mother, i just take pictures of the fits. because, otherwise, i might throw one myself - instead of laugh. there's a lot of this going on lately.^^

^^have i mentioned how much we looooove living close to tanya and kennedy? (and eric, too, of course) we are all ready for some sunshine in our lives, so we hit up the indoor pool. abby nearly drown, but didn't. so, we call that a success.^^

^^the latest: when you ask her to say "cheese" this is what you get. i just don't know. also, i'm embarrassed to admit how often we do dinner at costco. it's just so dang cheap convenient.^^

^^let's talk high maintenance for a minute: to go to sleep girlfriend requires her baby dolls (tucked in, of course), a binky in each hand, and two stuffed animals. i mean...really?^^

^^coloring. or "cawwar." it's an obsession. and one mommy loves, too."

^^also, "shows!" we finally decided to become decent parents and purchased abby's first disney movies. she insisted on wearing her rapunzel coat (or "pwetty coak") from grandma patty, while sorting through the new movies.^^

^^a visit from grandma patty and papa john!^^

^^spring fever has hit our house, guys. it's hit hard. symptom one: the golf clubs come out and putting takes place in the apartment^^

^^d. and i took a saturday temple date while abby tore apart grandma and grandpa's house for a change. afterward we were treated to cafe sabor (one of my favorites). can you say: "spoiled?"^^

^^to get her to stop begging to help (and to keep her from suicide jumping off the counter), i gave her a measuring cup and a bowl. and sugar. later, she realized instead of measuring, the cup could just transport the sugar by the cupful straight to her mouth. that's my girl!^^

^^i've been going to the chiropractor three times a week for a little over eight weeks, having traction done on my neck. lady has been with me for about 75% of those visits. this became particularly apparent when she laid face down on the table, the other day, and demanded, "fix! help! fix! peeeassse!!" he kindly obliged.^^

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