Three Cheers for Hailey!

by - 3:40:00 PM

^^isn't this the sweetest?!^^

Well, guys, it's official. We have theeeee most adorable, talented, sweetest sister (in-law) on the planet. Really, before Hailey, I had no idea you cheered for the cheerleaders; or that they even competed...Der, Alyssa!  (can i still say der? oh well, i'm convinced i'll always be an eight year old at heart.) Anyway, now I cheer for the cheerleaders (well, only one, really). And, she competed last night. And rocked it. 

Hailey, we are always cheering for you! Really, we're you're biggest fans. 

^^let's be real. i sure wouldn't be trusting my life (or limbs) to any other high school girls.^^

^^girlfriend really did love it. and cheered right along (often whacking me in the face while doing's apparent she has my coordination), and screaming for her aunt hailey the whole time. but, it was late and she was running sans nap.^^

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