All Inclusive Preston Weekend

by - 6:20:00 AM

My days are all a jumble around here; I'm not even going to try and guess when this went down. But, it did and it was super, duper fun - so, I'm going to document. 

It just so happened that Kendon (uncle "kennnnny") received his Eagle and Josh (uncle "dosh") got ordained on the same Sunday. Yahoo! for all inclusive family trips! But, really, we gossiped and ate. Then more family joined, and we did more of the same. Like we do. 

Somehow we only managed to snap pictures at the Eagle thingy (i mean, what am i supposed to call it?). But, that's just what happens when your child doesn't sleep. And the time change. Ohhhh...I hate the time change. 

^^meet ferg. abbsters new best friend. whether he likes it or not.^^

^^nailed it.^^

^^kendon vs. the rest of the world. yep. seems accurate. love that annoying kid more than i'll ever admit. also, notice him trying to irritate the crap out of good ol' dad? always. it's always like this.^^

^^doesn't get real-er than this, folks. true to character.
 (and some sucky photography - brought to you by yours truly. you're welcome.)^^

^^racing in the halls of the elementary. the principal was maaaaaad.^^

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