And Then, I Lost My Mind

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^^calling "Mama" (grandma) and "Gampa" (grandpa). to tattle on her parent, i'm sure. there was a lot of rambling, a sigh, and an "i fiiiiiine..."^^

Hi. We're still alive. But, barely. Life with a toddler. You guys, it's hard. You were right. There, I said it. You were right. I knew it before, but now I'm living it. And, the toddler is a mini-me. Double whammy. My husband thought I was bad as "adult Alyssa"... and then he had to contend with the toddler version (and adult version) at the same time. The man is a saint. A saint, I tell ya.

Take tonight, for instance. She refused to eat her dinner (stir-fry), and instead, laughed hysterically as she tickled herself with the bottle of soy sauce (we were confused, too). Then, she settled down to watch Despicable Me 2, and demanded a fresh, hot, chocolate krinkle from the oven. No sir. So, we told her she could eat a banana, then get a cookie.

Fast forward thirty minutes: I'm sitting at the table, frantically trying to finish an assignment (due in 30 minutes) - when I see D. lunge (in slow motion) across the kitchen as a little hand, magically grown 5 inches to be able to reach, grabs the entire cooling rack of cookies. Powdered sugar...every.where.

Also, school. What a mess. I'm not good at school, guys. In fact, I really hate it - and I'm not good at it. The combination is fatal. I've tried. For 23 weeks, I've tried. And now, I'm ready to quit. I'm Alyssa, and I'm a quitter.

Oh, and the fate and future of our lives lies in the hands of strangers who don't realize that it is the fate of our future. Ugh.

Buuuuttt... Life is not all bad (though I do seem to bring doom and gloom to this site, lately). In fact, it's rarely bad. As challenging as a toddler is, she is hilarious and a fireball of fun. Really. We are always laughing. And the loves. And the kisses. I mean, when she was a baby, she didn't know better, but to give cuddles and kisses. Now, she willingly gives them. I melt.

 Girlfriend got her very first tricycle this weekend. And the weather has been so nice lately, I mean, could it be, Utah? Are you really giving us a spring in March? I die.

We visited the dinosaur park, and Lady ate it up. And, spent a weekend in Idaho, with family. Awesome. As always D. is superman. Friends and lunch dates have been in full swing, and birthday parties (kennedy is two! what?! happy birthday, miss kj!). Also, Abby's favorite dancing music: *NSYNC. Like I said, life really is pretty good, and not all complaints; but sometimes, this is real life. Posts and pictures to come soon: as soon as I locate, and secure my sanity.

...meaning 18 years or so?

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