How Low Can You Go?

by - 9:42:00 AM

Let's be real for a minute. Our life is in limbo, again. So, someone tell me - is life just one great, big limbo game? That doesn't even make sense, I know. But, really, we are always waiting on the next step, aren't we? Not that I'm not enjoying the current step, because I am, completely. But, once again, we are waiting for other people to tell us if our lives are going to take an about face, and when. 

Anyway, the best, most comforting to happen to me the last week:

Because, there's nothing a little *NSYNC can't cure. And dancing in the kitchen. Annnnd, watching my toddler dance to "Bye, Bye, Bye." Literally, I felt completed. Also, is it weird that these songs make me feel stable? Like things really haven't changed. 

Oh, and check out girlfriend: 
^^blurry pictures are always appreciated, right?^^

I mean, really. Let's talk about drastic changes slash not being in control. Wasn't it just yesterday that she couldn't climb on the drawers and demand to wear the "neigh!" (unicorn) shirt? And, as soon as I did her hair she didn't pull a hat onto her head. 

Oh, the two binkies? No idea, but really, it's to be expected from the addict we call our daughter. Judge us. 

I've never been good at limbo. 

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  1. Ha ha that's how I feel life is! I usually never know what the next year is going to be like... where we will be...etc. I hate the waiting game as well. Hopefully things work out in your favor! :)