Conference Weekend: Island Park Edition

by - 9:03:00 PM

Confrence weekend was spent in Island Park with the whole Ackerman family. It was super duper fun, and a blast as expected. Also, as expected, Lady refused to sleep. And, finally crashed in our bed both nights. (see above) What can ya do? 

Luckily, we woke up to the faces of our favorite people in the world. The weekend was spend eating, playing games (read: ticket to ride, apparently the holy grail game of the ackerman family as of late), eating, laughing, eating, and some lucky individuals even got treated to Abby's beauty parlor. Lucky them. 

It was the perfect relaxing weekend, and so good to be surrounded by those we love most again. And, really, I didn't mind all the snow - not when it's as gorgeous as it is in Island Park, Idaho. Really, it as the perfect farewell weekend to our home state (more on that later, i promise). 

^^she's trying to teach him to crawl. failed attempt, in case you didn't guess. but,  it does look like she has a promising future in wrestling if nothing else works out.^^

^^biscuits + chocolate gravy. a tradition, and one that will keep on keepin' on through the generations. it's exactly what it says it is: chocolate (not very sweet) gravy with biscuits. for breakfast.^^

^^again, the gravy through the generations.^^

^^we took a little snowmobile jaunt. after which girlfriend through a ginormous tantrum because she was forced to get off the machine. I'm pretty sure she would've (and almost did) sacrifice a few fingers to stay on longer.^^

^^abby's beauty parlor. by forced appointment only. must have incredibly high pain tolerance.^^

^^all the games^^

^^sunday afternoon. you know you've had a fun weekend when...^^

^^grandkids. with the best grandparents.^^

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