Easter: 2014 Edition

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Easter 2014 was filled with plenty of chocolate, food, family, and ample tantrums. Lady woke up to her Easter basket (as did d. and i, but that's not nearly as exciting, is it?) and a little egg hunt. She loved it, obviously. Then, she promptly ate half of her candy. At 8 o'clock in the am. Awesome. Church was a sugar-crash-induced-tantrum (one right after the other).

After a lengthy nap, we crashed the Paiser's house for dinner and another egg hunt. There's just something about being with family on holidays, isn't there?

But, the festivities weren't done yet. Because I'm not (nor will ever be) as good as my mom - I had procrastinated dyeing eggs. So, when we got home that evening we hurriedly boiled a few eggs and colored them. There's nothing that challenges the control freak in me like dyeing eggs with a (nearly) two-year-old. But, we survived, and had a blast rolling the eggs down the hill (slope) on our back lawn. In true Harrison fashion, girlfriend hurled the eggs and crushed them in her hands.

Really, though, I didn't hear a word that was spoken in church. But, I did hear the primary kids sing "He Sent His Son." And, that was the perfect reminder. Because of Him, we get to be this chaotic family forever. And that's what Easter is really all about.


^^crappy blurry pictures brought to you (once again) by yours truly^^

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