"I Knew I Made A Good Choice"

by - 9:13:00 PM

^^the ulrich clan + miss abby^^

When Dustin and I met, I was working for an awesome doctor, who had awesome staff. It was a party everyday (most days). Scott was the PA at the office. He was funny, easy to chat with, and he had the most adorable family and wife. (had? has. not past tense. still, has the most adorable family.) 

Anyway, after we had been dating for awhile (d. and i), the office made it perfectly clear it was time for a formal introduction (these guys kinda watched me grow up). Before D's entrance, Scotty announced, "I'm so excited to meet my best friend. We are going to be best buddies." And then, Dustin was informed of their relationship status. 

And, really, friends like the Ulrich's are the best kind of friends. When we lived closer, we dropped by, unannounced, chatted, watched movies from Redbox after the kids had gone to sleep (like lame married couples do), got way too competitive during March Madness, and you know - the rest. They helped us move. Scott was there through it all at the office: Lady's surprise expectancy, the pregnancy ups and downs, and then they doted on Miss Abby and have spoiled her rotten ever since. Some our fondest memories include the Ulrichs; I don't think that's coincidence. 

Though we don't see them often enough now, they are the friends you call at the last minute, and when you see them again, it's like nothing has changed. It's like we are all hanging out in their roach infested rental again, not in their brand new house. And, like Scotty said last weekend (during an unexpected drop in): "I knew I made a good choice...In my best friend."

I think, now that I'm getting older (not wiser, just older) I really have come to value good friendship. 
The Ulrich's rock our socks off. Risking cheesiness: friends like these are really one in a million. 

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