Stamford, Ct!

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I've been ranting about change, limbo, and uncertainty for awhile around these parts. And, it's official. Big changes are coming to the Ackerman family: we are about to take on Stamford, Connecticut. 

Dustin's company is relocating us back east, I'm sure they don't know what they have in store for them. This Idaho grown family is nervous, excited, and anxious (though, for those who don't know, dustin served his two year mission in the new york, new york north mission - this included stamford. he's excited to go back). We are obviously super bummed to leave family (i've said a million times over how lucky we are to live so close to all of our family!) and our old and new friends. Thank goodness for Skype and phones. Oh, and planes, of course. 

Buuuuuuuuut we are also insanely, crazily excited.

While I'm a mix of messy emotions. Not that this is new to me, but things are getting emotional up in here. A few things on my mind:

1) We are excited for change, new people, and new experiences. As in, everything will be brand new. 
2) I still can't spell Connecticut without spell check. Honestly. So, I'm resigning myself to never, ever, writing my address. 
3) Packing is the worst. Ever. I'm sure I won't start for a good long while. 
4) My hair is going to be a sight this summer. Helllllo humidity!
5) I can't stop chanting "Stamford, Connecticut!" (thanks, andy.

Updates to follow. You know, midst the packing. And partying. And styrofoam everything. Wish us luck! 

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  1. Good luck with the packing! It's such a nightmare (packing, that is). It was a big move for us coming back East, but it's a good change. I still get homesick over missing my family. Too bad it wasn't closer to NC. ;) Love the new blog look, too!

    1. Thanks Amber! I'm already homesick. And nervous. But, we are excited for this new adventure! Maybe we will plan a vacation? Familiar faces are always welcome!