Because I'm Playing Catch Up: April 11-13

by - 12:06:00 PM

^^taking flowers to aunt haylee's graduation^^

Smack in the middle of this relocating, moving chaos, we have been lapping up family time. Kendon's birthday, Haylee's graduation, a visit from the Fulford's, annnnnd, a track meet all landed on the same weekend in April. Perfect. 

Girlfriend was sick all weekend. Like, really, pathetically (she-even-cuddled-with-us) sick. So, that was a bummer, but she was a trooper. We are so, super proud of Haylee, our little college grad (i hope to graduate by the time abby does. what can i say, i'm a go-getter.). Kendon, as always, was a rock star. And, it seems we can just never soak in enough time with the Fulfords. 

^^boogers, chocolate donuts, sand, and sunglasses. all smeared together in one picture.^^

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