Because I'm Playing Catch-Up: April Via My Phone

by - 3:30:00 PM

^^"kenny's" birthday celebration.^^

^^girlfriend took the pizza buffet very seriously.^^

^^our graduate.^^

^^why can't we live closer? really, though.^^

^^apparently girlfriend needs to be included in the coaching at the meet. she does give good advice.^^

^^double ear infection + a nasty virus.^^

^^aunt morgan came to visit. after girlfriend was sick for four days, refusing to eat, we grabbed a $5 pizza. maybe not mother of the year, but she gobbled it down. i'll call it a win.^^

^^we tackled a giant project (very unlike me), and refinished our table. bigger project than we anticipated. but, satisfying. though, next time i think i'll pay to have it done. lazy? maybe.^^

^^easter sunday selfie.^^

^^watermelon back in our lives again. also, don't you remember wearing your dad's tshirts? my favorite.^^

^^a blurry picture of the finished product.^^

^^selling cupcake with lilly.^^

^^grandma and abby in their respective rocking chairs.^^

^^who's more excited for the egg hunt, grandma patty or abby?^^

^^grainy picture of luis and abby. they were instantly best friends. so, super, duper proud of this one! love him like a brother (and we look alike, don't we?).^^

^^life has come full circle. abby got the sand-dollar fhe object lesson from grandpa harrison (who never seems to run out of sand dollars).^^

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