Kendon Graduates!

by - 7:20:00 PM

Kendon: a future missionary (going to the california fresno mission! speaking spanish!), and now Preston High graduate. This is the kid who can annoy  me to my core on minute then have me rolling in laughter the next. Girlfriend is his biggest fan (quite the feat, since there are so many girls who are his fan), and he is hers. We love this boy. 

Anyway, his graduation (last weekend) landed smack in the middle of last minute moving chaos. But, Abby and I make the quick trip to P-Town for the graduation. Sitting there, I could't help but realize I was there seven years ago (seven! seven?!)! What in the world? Running into my high school (and college) best friend only increased the nostalgia by a million times. Who'dathought seven years later I'd have a husband, a kid, about to be moving cross country - and the really crazy part - wanting to stay close to home? 

^^k. got to speak at graduation and introduce the theme for their class: "the world will be watching" from the hunger games. thus, this picture at the end of his bit (you know, katniss' symbol...get it? i thought it was mighty clever.).^^

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