Memorial Day in the Beaver Dams

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^^the beaver dams. those who believe idaho is ugly- i'mma punch in the face.^^

Memorial Day weekend this year was spent in the Beaver Dams (near grace, idaho) where Dustin's family has a small cabin. It is literally Dustin's heaven on Earth. But, really, can you blame him? D. grew up in the Beaver Dams with his grandpa Smith. Needless to say, he's determined for Lady to love it the same. And she does. Despite my lack of love for camping (really, who wants to sleep in the cold, on the ground?) we spent the weekend there (not spending the night) and I too loved it. 

As much as we hate that this was the last hurrah there for a little while, it sure was a good one. Girlfriend is the perfect age to roll in the dirt, beg for rides on the four wheeler, and play with her cousins. So many games were played, plenty of Diet Coke flowed freely, and so, so many laughs. Perfect start to an uncertain summer (and we even topped of the weekend with a snowcone monday night - made by uncle kendon. tigers blood with cream, doesn't get much better than this, folks).

Weekends like this sure don't make it any easier to leave. 

^^wearing the an adult helmet. it's not huge. so, there's that. but, when she couldn't hold up her head we took it off. sue us.^^

^^by the end of the weekend she could start this on her own. no joke. and, when anyone would leave without her she would chase them yelling, "waaaaiiiit!"^^

^^dustin's favorite play gym as a child. totally safe, i'm sure.^^

^^the "cabin." grandma was determined to spot the boys on their hike. love it.^^

^^horseshoes. grandma is a champ. for real.^^

^^dirty from head to toe. and she was in heaven.^^

^^made lovingly (years ago) by the one and only d-money.^^

^^mornings around the fire. looks like he won her over, eh?^^

^^diet and brown, that's all i require. sitting in the sun, with the best company is an awesome bonus.^^

^^jumping on grandmas bed in the van.^^

^^filthy face and not a care in the world.^^

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