Mother's Day: 2014 Edition

by - 11:13:00 AM

Mother's Day was spent just the way I like it this year: a dinner (sushi!) and shopping date with my partner in crime (childless, too! now thaaaat never happens. special thanks to uncle josh and aunt syd!) on Saturday night. Sunday was spent surrounded by those we love most, eating (duh.) and talking to Uncle Chase (who abby declared she is "sceered" of. to him. on the phone. awesome.). And laughing. Oh, the laughing. 

^^when your child refuses to look at the camera. did i mention how amazing this woman is? because she is, and she just doesn't get enough praise. i  mean, the fact she gave me this guy is enough for me to sing her praises forever. really, she's the best.^^

^^grandma smith. i mean, in our eyes, this is the woman who makes the world go 'round. oh, and, abby's holding money ("bunney!") from her birthday card from grandma smith. good thing she's learning to earn her keep around here.^^

^^aunt sam made birthday cakes for everyone with birthdays this week (four people! what an awesome birthday week, right?!). she's the greatest.^^

^^i mean. no words. this woman has become my best friend and abby's idol. someday i'll be half the mother she is. someday.^^

^^and, just because abby loves "book." and because she's a weirdo.^^

Two years ago on Mother's Day I was praying to not be pregnant one minute longer. And then, 48 hours later, I was a mom. And I was changed forever. 

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