Moving Jumble and Chaos

by - 7:33:00 AM

^^face time. bless you.^^

Things are in full on crazy mode around these parts. D. has been in Stamford for the week working and I'll join him late tonight slash early in the morning (meaning i'm taking the red eye. super fun, right? hopefully i sit next to a snuggly person.). Cross your fingers we can find a place for our little family to live (in two days time), because apparently that's a big deal for some reason.

I'm smack in the middle of trying to sell of some of our junk. Ever want to de-junk?  Move cross-country. All of a sudden you  have no sentimental attachment to any belongings. "Is it worth moving? Storing? Will we buy more in the future anyway?"  I ask myself all day everyday.

Lady will be with her grandma, grandpa, and aunts and uncles. I still have the hardest time leaving her. Normal? I don't know. But, the idea of taking her on her first plane ride, alone, during the night kind of gave me an anxiety attack on the spot. So, that was vetoed immediately. She always has more fun without me, anyway.

I had a friend ask me yesterday if most of our apartment was packed. Uh. Nope. Should it be? Probably. But, there's just too much to do first. That's been coming out of my mouth on repeat lately: "There's too much. Too much to do. Too much." Let's be real, there's too much Alyssa floating around these parts. Too much anxiety, nervousness, refusal to change...Too much Alyssa.

Let's hope I make it out alive. Actually, that my husband does. That man, I tell ya, is a saint.

Now, I'm off to pack for my first ever visit to my new home. I've been so preoccupied with that, I totally forgot I'll see New York City for the first time. Change is happening people. Big change, and I'm losing my mind.

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  1. Moving to Stamford! That was a second home to me when Eric and I lived in Massachusetts. I remember spending many hours at the airport in Stamford, flying back and forth to go home and visit family. It's a huge move to go back east. Exciting, though- right?? Completely different kind of people, and close to lots of awesome sights. Best of luck to you and your little family!!!

  2. Scary. So, so scary for me. But exciting, too! We are excited for a little adventure, but I'm sure I'll spend ample time in an airport coming home too. You're the sweetest, Becky.